North America is a vast continent that has a spectacular variety of watchable wildlife. As described in the Arctic, the North is certainly reachable to view wildlife, but there are many other areas that are gold mines for unique wildlife opportunities. Whether it is an Alaskan Cruise and optional land tour, hiking through old growth rainforests along Canada’s west coast, or visiting with Grey Whales in the Sea of Cortez off the Baja Peninsula. Wildlife will be abundant no matter where you go, and amazing spectacles can occur right in front of your eyes. How would you like the opportunity to witness Gray Whales bubble net fishing, seeing a dolphin stampede in the sea of Cortez, swim with Manatees in the inland waterways of Florida or watch Alaskan Brown Bears fishing shoulder to shoulder during a Salmon run. North America is a wildlife viewing haven.

Best time to visit: Year round depending on what you are interested in seeing. (West Coast of Canada and Alaska: May – September. Sea of Cortez: November – April)

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