Both Central and South America boast some of the largest biodiversity of species in the world. The rain forests of each region have an incredible abundance of watchable wildlife, but there are also deserts, spectacular mountain ranges, grasslands and some of the most amazing waterways in the world. In addition, there is another destination that is so unique it literally changed the way the world is viewed. The Galapagos archipelago is renowned for inspiring Charles Darwin to write the “Origin of Species”. Very little has changed in Galapagos since his visit in the mid-1800’s. The majority of the animals have no natural fear of man. The opportunity to sit next to one of the largest tortoises in the world, snorkel with marine iguanas or lay in the sand with Sea Lions will change your perspective of the world.

South America destinations, including, but not limited to Costa Rica, the Amazon River Basin, Patagonia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil provide some of the most unique areas of the world to view wildlife and cultures.

Best Time to Visit: Central America: Year round, being close to the equator keeps the temperature fairly consistent. The Galapagos: Each season offers opportunities to experience different species. What do you want to see is a good starting point. South America: recommended to vsit: October to March.

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