The world’s largest continent, Asia extends to northern Russia, south to the Island countries of Indonesia and west to India. It is an extremely vast region of the world that is extremely difficult to sum up in a few paragraphs. Asia can be broken down into regions starting with the Siberian region which boasts Tundra and vast Taiga and home to one of the rarest cats in the world the Siberian Tiger.

The Mediterranean Basin (western Asia) is a world biodiversity hotspot. The Mid-eastern deserts, including the Arabian and the Gobi host Gazelle, Oryx, Sand Cats and other desert-adapted species.

East Asia, consisting of China and Japan is the area most people associate with the continent Asia. This is an exceptional wildlife destination of the world boasting both the Lesser (Red) and Giant Panda’s, exotic birds, unique primates and one of our favorite species, the Chinese Takin considered a national treasure in China.

South East Asia is comprised of many island countries provides excellent opportunities for seeing aquatic species. Itis also home to a number of endangered great apes, including Orangutan and Gibbon. And for those more adventurous, a visit to South East Asia would not be complete without a visit to Komodo Island to see Komodo Dragons.

This area of the world is as vast as the ways and means to experience it. Options include world-renowned five star boutique hotels and sprawling resorts, luxury river cruises and trekking by elephant. South East Asia offers unique wildlife and cultural experiences.

Best Time to Visit: August – April

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