The Arctic encompasses a large area at the top of the world. Countries include Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway are all jump off points to experience spectacular scenery, amazing animals and unique cultures. The most iconic animal in the Arctic is the Polar Bear, and many of the trips to see wildlife focus on the great white bear, but other animals of significance include, Walrus, Arctic Foxes, Musk Ox, a variety of seals and numerous bird species who nest that far north. And for the more adventurous, how about a swim with Belugas?

If Polar Bears are your thing, then there are two locations to consider. Churchill Canada and Svalbard Norway. Both offer great opportunities for seeing Polar Bears, and both have unique ways of getting the experience. In Churchill, we recommend a Tundra Buggy excursion. You will head out on to the frozen earth and spot bears that are waiting for the winter ice to come back into Hudson Bay. In Svalbard, Norway, the best way to see bears is an expedition ship/cruise and sail north to the summer ice where bears again wait for winter hunting conditions. If you liked Alaska, you’ll love Svalbard. This option also offers you the opportunity to add on Norway and other European destinations.

Best time to visit: June-November depending on what wildlife you’re interested in.

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