Antarctica features the largest ice mass in the world holding 90% of the worlds ice and 70% of the world’s fresh water. You can only get there on expedition ships that depart from either Argentina or New Zealand. From Argentina, you sail across the Drake Passage visiting Island groups like South Georgia and the Falklands eventually exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. The most iconic species for this region is the Penguin, and there are a lot of varieties to see, from the relatively small but colorful Rock Hopper all the way up to the very large in size and numbers, the Emperor. Penguins are certainly the main event, but you will also experience Elephant Seals, a host of whale species, and the apex predator of this region, the Leopard Seal.

This is a very unique destination and requires the use of specialized ships to make the voyage. The experience is life changing. From watching the birth of iceburgs, standing amongst hundreds of thousands of nesting penguins, or kayaking next to the most amazing marine mammals in the world.

Best time to visit: November – February

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